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On this page you will find some information for new members in the lab.

Things to organize when you just arrived

  • Get registered as student/staff member at the school
  • Get a UQ identification card
  • Get access to the Chemistry building
  • Get a computer login
  • Attend the safety induction

Get registered as student/staff member at the school

To get registered as student/staff member, you first have to go to building 76 (just behind our building) to room 311A. Here is a reception where someone will help you to enter your details into the system. You will need to bring photo identification. For questions, you can email Belinda Forbes. It takes a few days before the registration is complete.
The registration will also get you a UQ Connect username and login for Internet access. They will send you a letter with your login details after a few days wich you can get at room 311A in building 76 or email Ben McKain. For questions regarding your login, go to the UQ Connect IT service.

Get a UQ identification card

When the registration as a student/staff member is complete, you can get a UQ identification card. This can be obtained from Unicard, which is located in the Duhig Tower (building 2) on level two, next to the main library. You will need your any photo ID and your student/employee number (ask Belinda) or refer your offer letter. No need to bring a photo, as a picture is taken there and the card is ready in 5 minutes.
To use the ID card for library borrowing services, take it to the Loans Desk of any branch library so that the bar code on the card may be added to your library record.

Get access to the Chemistry building

For temporary access to the building, talk to Helen (MD secretary).
For a permanent swipe card, go to Greg Reese in room 406 in our building (between 3pm and 3:30pm). He will give you an authorization form on which you need to fill out the rooms that you want access to and the period that you want stay. This form has to be signed by Alan, Thomas or David, after which you can return it to Greg.
If you are a student, Greg will issue a swipe card to you. If you are a staff member, your UQ identification card can be activated as a swipe card. Greg will inform security of the authorization. The authorization form and your UQ identification card than need to be taken to the Security Section on the St Lucia campus. Security staff can then activate the encoding on the magnetic strip and you can pick it up again after a few days.

Get a computer login

Submit a Service Desk Request to Science IT requesting access to argon and the MD terminals.

Attend the safety induction

New members of this school have to attend a safety induction. These inductions are organised once per two weeks (on Wednesday) by Lyle Carrington. Since we are not working with chemical goods, you only have to follow the first part of the induction which takes less than an hour. You have to fill out a few questionnaires on safety afterwards, of which two are online. When finished, the questionnaires have to be returned to Lyle at room 312 in our building.

Websites to find accommodation

Who to ask and where to find

  • Any questions related to Linux or the cluster can be asked to Matt or Roy.
  • There is a group meeting every Thursday at 11.15 am. David is in charge of group meetings; Megan organizes the journal clubs.
  • For photocopies you can go to room 315. Ask David or Alan for a photocopy PIN. The mailboxes can also be found here. Everyone needs to pick up their own mail.

Useful links