Research Interests

The MD Group concentrates on dynamical simulation of biopolymers and lipid aggregates. The aim is to understand and predict macroscopic (experimentally observable) behaviour of complex biomolecular systems on the basis of interactions between atoms. There are several levels of approach, all of which are pursued in our group:

We develop software, atomic force fields and theoretical models to predict, for example, how proteins fold and, together with lipids, further self-assemble into functional complexes (essentially micro-machines). The types of fundamental biological questions we try to answer are:

The group is new to The University of Queensland and is expanding. We are looking for students with a background in (bio)physics, (bio)chemistry, pharmacy and computational science who are interested in working at the interface between biology/physics and chemistry.

For more information, please follow the link to the website of Professor Alan Mark's MD Group in The Netherlands.

Examples of current projects

There are also a number of other projects available within the group. Please visit the Student Projects page of this site for more details.


A list of group meeting talks can be found here.

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