Talks are held weekly during our group meetings. Above is a selection of the best ones.

30 Oct 2008

Clustering Algorithms [PDF]

Dr. Itamar Kass

Typical MD produced thousand to millions of configurations. e.g. Saving every 5 ps will end up with 200 configuration in 1 ns. If one is interested in the structural properties which does not depends on time, this dependent add a level of complexity which should be removed.

23 Apr 2009

Prediction of Secondary Structures Elements [PDF]

Dr. David Poger

It looks like a helix. But how can it be clearly (and simply) defined?

03 Oct 2010

Molecular Surfaces [PDF]

Dr. David Poger

Historically, the interest on protein surfaces came from studies on protein folding and packing of hydrophobic aminoacids (preferentially buried away from the solvent).

29 Jan 2015

Drug Design : Keep calm and follow the rules [PDF]

Katarzyna (Kasia) Koziara

A brief overview of the common rules used in drug design and development: Rule of Five and Rule of Three.

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