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melon is one of our servers. This document provides a full description of its services. If a service is moved to another server, please just move the corresponding description to its page.


Sun X4500 Thumper (36 TB storage). Runs Solaris 10


Please read this page: ZFS

NFS Server

NFS exporting of /melon1,2,3 is automatic and is linked to ZFS. For example, /melon3 is only exported if there is a ZFS tank created within it.

Add a new user directory, e.g. /melon1/NEWUSER

melon# zfs create -o quota=500G -o sharenfs=on melon1/NEWUSER
melon# chown NEWUSER:500 /melon1/NEWUSER

LDAP (from lychee) Client Configuration

 It is strongly recommended that you BACKUP the directory server
 before running idsconfig.
 Hit Ctrl-C at any time before the final confirmation to exit.
 Do you wish to continue with server setup (y/n/h)? [n] y
 Enter the JES Directory Server's  hostname to setup:
 Enter the port number for iDS (h=help): [389] 
 Enter the directory manager DN: [cn=Directory Manager] 
 Enter passwd for cn=Directory Manager : 
 Enter the domainname to be served (h=help): [] 
 Enter LDAP Base DN (h=help): [dc=md,dc=smms,dc=uq,dc=edu,dc=au] 
   Checking LDAP Base DN ...
   Validating LDAP Base DN and Suffix ...
   sasl/GSSAPI is not supported by this LDAP server
 Enter the profile name (h=help): [default] 
 Are you sure you want to overwire profile cn=default? 
 Please enter y or n.
 Are you sure you want to overwire profile cn=default? y
 Default server list (h=help): [] 
 Preferred server list (h=help): 
 Choose desired search scope (one, sub, h=help):  [one] 
 The following are the supported credential levels:
   1  anonymous
   2  proxy
   3  proxy anonymous
   4  self
   5  self proxy
   6  self proxy anonymous
 Choose Credential level [h=help]: [1] 2
 Choose Credential level [h=help]: [1] 
 Do you want the clients to follow referrals (y/n/h)? [n] 
 Do you want to modify the server timelimit value (y/n/h)? [n] 
 Do you want to modify the server sizelimit value (y/n/h)? [n] 
 Do you want to store passwords in "crypt" format (y/n/h)? [n] 
 Do you want to setup a Service Authentication Methods (y/n/h)? [n] 
 Client search time limit in seconds (h=help): [30] 
 Profile Time To Live in seconds (h=help): [43200] 
 Bind time limit in seconds (h=help): [10] 
 Do you wish to setup Service Search Descriptors (y/n/h)? [n] 

 ldapclient manual \
 -a \
 -a authenticationMethod=simple -a credentialLevel=proxy \
 -a defaultSearchBase='dc=md,dc=smms,dc=uq,dc=edu,dc=au' \
 -a proxyDN=cn=proxyagent,ou=profile,dc=md,dc=smms,dc=uq,dc=edu,dc=au \
 -a serviceSearchDescriptor='passwd:dc=md,dc=smms,dc=uq,dc=edu,dc=au?sub' \
 -a  serviceSearchDescriptor='group:ou=Groups,dc=md,dc=smms,dc=uq,dc=edu,dc=au?one' \
 -a proxyPassword='############'
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