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It was found that the 2GNX Protein was present in only higher metazoans and that this is most likely due to the protein not being crucial to survival of an organism. Although this protein is present in some insects the data suggests that there has been great divergence of this protein between them and the higher metazoans. This protein however appears to be very highly conserved amongst the higher metazoans possibly suggesting that there is selection pressure on it to remain unchanged.

Through structural analysis of the 2GNX protein it can be concluded that further research and analysis is required to determine the structure of its N-terminal domain. C-terminal domain of the protein was found to be similar to the GAF protein, and a prediction has been made that cGMP ligand may bind to our protein near the C-terminus. However this development needs further research as there are still various issues that need to be addressed.

The functional analysis resulted in the hypothesis of involvement in the olfactory transduction pathway with a fair amount of data supporting this view. The structural liklihood of cGMP binding further supports this theory. However, to be certain of this function and to gain more specific knowledge, more research is required.

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