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This string analysis shows possible protein - protein interactions. The red protein in the middle represents the target protein and the three surrounding proteins represent interacting proteins. The larger yellow and green proteins may be releated due to cooccurrence, where as the smaller blue protien may be related due to repeatedly occurring in close proximity to the target protein, however the posible interactions shown in the analysis are inconclusive and unsubstantiated. experimental evidence is needed to prove such relationships

PDB Sequence Match


This PDB scan compares structure alignment. The highest structural match with our sequence is shown to be involved in an d-ribose high affinity transport system. This supports the theory that our hypothetical protein is involved in the ABC transport system of ribose in prokaryote cells.

Rbsfunction.jpg (Ryu, et al., 2004)

This schematic representation shows a proposed mode of action of the RbsD mutarotase.

The articles findings lead to a proposed role for RbsD mutarotase. The His20 residue protonates the O5 and the His106 deprotonates the OH attached to the C1. This causes ring-breakage thus forming an equilibrium between the furan and pyran forms.

Petri.jpg (Ryu, et al., 2004)

This image supports the proposed importance of the His residues in its pyranase activity. The growth of the e.coli represents rbsD activity. The H20A change completely abolished the pyranase activity, whereas H106A retained one-third of the original activity

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