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System administrator to do list:

  1. More permanently label ports in office (MDVLAN/Chemistry/Off). This requires activating ports and ensuring they remain active
  2. BACS router firewall @ This is to make login servers more accessible and to protect workstations
    1. Allow incoming connections from everywhere (incl. UQ) to login servers only, on only ssh port, TCP
    2. Allow incoming DHCP/DNS
    3. Block everything else
    4. Allow all outgoing traffic
  3. Electronic door locks. Permanently: HPC room unlocked, main office unlocked, front door locked
  4. QCIF Backups.
    1. Create and use mdbackup account.
    2. Copy grape backup script to webserver. Seperate backup account?
  5. Turning computers on. Wake on lan set up for all PCs. Create script callable by anyone to wake up specific machines.
  6. Create /software/forever/ for programs and scripts that will be kept for a long time, regardless of system updates
  7. Benchmark LAN speeds. Gigabit? Check all cables are CAT6
  8. Serve /data on workstations out to other workstations/cluster
  9. Scratch space on nodes, with auto delete
  10. Give more people access to WebDNS
  11. Create a homepage template such that all will have a unify homepage on the lab server.