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Short chain dehydrogenase/reductases (SDR) form a large protein super-family family which shares approximately a 15-20% sequence identity which consists of at least 63 members (Kallberg et al. 2002). These can be differentiated into two families, classical and extended SDR. We found these families to be present in all forms of life, and have roles including alcohol, aldehyde (Duester, 1996) and steroid (Lin et al. 2001) dehydrogenase as well as being involved in the “molecular link between nutrient signaling and plant hormone biosynthesis” (Cheng et al. 2002).

We performed sequence, structural and functional analysis on our target protein (DRHS1) and found it to be part of the extended SDR family, found in humans that have evolved from classic SDR from bacteria, is found as a dimer and the majority of the closest related proteins reduce glucose.

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