Fascin Evolution

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Blast Results show that fascin 1 is very highly conserved throughout the Eukarya Domain providing 112 hits all with excellent E value and High scores

Flascin 1.jpg

Sample Fascin sequence (Text File)


FASTA sequences from BLAST (Text File)


Multiple Alignment

From a possible 100 FASTA sequences, were cut down to 31. The process of elimination was conducted by the deletion of sequences with too many bp before and after the sample sequence, followed by the deletion of sequences with large segments of gaps in conserved and variable regions of the sequence alignment. Fascin domains were found via a protDOM search and compared to the remaining sequences.

Fascin multiple alignment.jpg

Phylogency Trees

Before any deletion of sequences occured, A tree was formed using 100-replications Dayhoff neighbor-joining method as a base line.

Facscin broad bootstrap.jpg

Neighbor-method with Bootstrap values (1 = 100) Results were run at 500 replications

Fascin bootstrap 500rep.jpg

Neighbor-method with Bootstrap values, compressed. Sequences with below 50 were deleted.

Fascin bootstrap animaliainsecta.jpg

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